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Software Project Time lines

Posted by Ravi Varma Thumati on March 16, 2009

What are activities to be considered while deciding the software project time lines?

The early part of a project is also a good time to begin detailed time accounting, that is, keeping track of how project personnel spend their time. Time accounting is a critical component of project visibility and control on the current project and lays the foundation for more accurate estimates and planning on future projects.

Tune-accounting data enables you to compare estimated time to actual time with the goal of improving future estimates. You can use the breakdown of time spent on activities from one project to help plan future projects. your project can use following the time-accounting categories to decide the time lines.

  • Time-Accounting Category Activity
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Process development
  • Requirements development
  • User-interface prototyping
  • Architecture
  • Plan
  • Track progress/status
  • Report progress/status
  • Manage project team activities
  • Manage customer/end-user relations
  • Manage change
  • Downtime
  • Lab setup
  • Create development process
  • Review development process
  • Rework development process
  • Educate customer or team members about development process
  • Create User Manual/Requirements
  • Specification
  • Review User Manual/Requirements
  • Specification
  • Rework User Manual/Requirements
  • Specification
  • Report defects detected during requirements development
  • Create User Interface Prototype
  • Review User Interface Prototype
  • Rework User Interface Prototype
  • Report defects detected during prototyping
  • Create architecture
  • Review architecture
  • Rework architecture
  • Report defects detected during architecture
  • Preliminary Planning
  • Time-Accounting Category Activity
  • Detailed design
  • Implementation
  • Component acquisition
  • Integration
  • System testing
  • Software release
  • Metrics
  • Create detailed design
  • Review detailed design
  • Rework detailed design
  • Report defects detected during detailed design
  • Create implementation
  • Review implementation
  • Rework implementation
  • Report defects detected during implementation
  • Investigate/acquire components
  • Manage component acquisition
  • Test/review acquired components
  • Maintain acquired components
  • Report defects in acquired components
  • Automate build
  • Maintain build
  • Test build
  • Distribute build
  • Plan system testing
  • Create manual for system testing
  • Create automated system test
  • Run manual system test
  • Run automated system test
  • Report defects detected during system test
  • Prepare and support alpha, beta, or staged release
  • Prepare and support final release
  • Collect measurement data
  • Analyze measurement data

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