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Difference between DataSet and DataReader Objects

Posted by Ravi Varma Thumati on May 5, 2009

Here are the common difference between DataSet object and DataReader objects in .NET

Dataset Object

DataReader Object

Read/write access Read only access.
Supports multiple tables from different data tables Supports a single table based on a single table
Disconnected mode Connected mode
Can bind to multiple Controls Can bind to a single control.
Forward and backward scanning of data Forward only scanning of data.
Greater overhead to enable Additional features Light weight object with very little overhead
Slower access to data Faster access to data.
Supported by visual Studio .net tools Must be manually coded.

2 Responses to “Difference between DataSet and DataReader Objects”

  1. Thanks a ton for your time and energy to have had these things together on this blog site. Mary and I very much treasured your knowledge through your articles in certain things. I recognize that you have several demands on schedule so the fact that a person like you took all the time like you did to help people just like us by this article is also highly loved.

  2. Awesome story indeed. My father has been awaiting for this content.

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