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Oracle Built-In Functions – Part VIII

Posted by Ravi Varma Thumati on October 13, 2009

Character / String Functions:

        Ascii                              Convert                         Lower                            Soundex

        AsciiStr                         Decompose                  Lpad                              Substr

        Chr                               Dump                           Ltrim                             Translate

        Compose                      Initcap                          Replace                         Trim

        Concat                          Instr                             Rpad                             Upper

        Concat with ||               Length                          Rtrim                             VSize

 Conversion Functions:

        Bin_To_Num                 NumToDSInterval         To_Date                        To_Number

        Cast                              NumToYMInterval         To_DSInterval               To_Single_Byte

        CharToRowid                 RawToHex              To_Lob                          To_Timestamp

        From_Tz                       To_Char                        To_Multi_Byte               To_Timestamp_Tz

        HexToRaw                     To_Clob                        To_NClob                      To_YMInterval

 Advanced Functions:

        BFilename                    Group_ID                      NULLIF                   User

        Cardinality                     Lag                         NVL                               UserEnv

        Case Statement           Lead                             NVL2                              

        Coalesce                       LNNVL                    Sys_Context                  

        Decode                         NANVL                           Uid                                 

 Mathematical Functions:

        Abs                               Covar_pop                    Max                               Sqrt

        Acos                             Covar_samp                 Median                          StdDev

        Asin                              Count                            Min                                Sum

        Atan                              Cume_Dist                    Mod                               Tan

        Atan2                            Dense_Rank                 Power                            Tanh

        Avg                               Exp                               Rank                              Trunc (numbers)

        Bin_To_Num                 Extract                          Remainder                    Trunc (dates)

        BitAnd                           Floor                             Round (numbers)         Var_pop

        Ceil                               Greatest                       Round (dates)               Var_samp

        Corr                              Least                            Sign                              Variance

        Cos                               Ln                                 Sin                                 

        Cosh                             Log                               Sinh                               

 Date Functions:

        Add_Months                 Last_Day                       Round                           To_Date

        Current_Date                LocalTimestamp           SessionTimeZone         Trunc

        Current_Timestamp     Months_Between          Sysdate                         Tz_Offset

        DbTimeZone                 New_Time                    SysTimestamp             

        From_Tz                       Next_Day                      To_Char                       

 Error Functions:



 Miscellaneous Functions:

        Retrieve user ID from the current Oracle session

        Retrieve the session ID for the user logged in


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