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Web Site, Web Portal and Blog

Posted by Ravi Varma Thumati on December 16, 2009

Web Portal Vs Web Site

A portal is generally a vehicle by which to gain access to a multitude of ‘services’. A web site is a destination in itself.

As such the term website refers to a location on the internet (see this) that is unique and can be accessed through a URL (see this). By that definition a web portal is in fact also a website.

However there is a distinction between the two terms based on the subject and content of the website.

A website is also a web portal if;

It transmits information from several independent sources that can be, but not necessarily are, connected in subject; thus offering a public service function for the visitor which is not restricted to presenting the view(s) of one author.

The Portal and website can be differentiated as:

  1. Authentication:
    Website: It provides facility of Logging-In. Provides you with information based on who you are.

Portal: No log-in.


  1. Personalization:
    Website: Limited, focused content. Eliminates the need to visit many different sites.
    E.g. you type in your user name and password and see your yahoo mail only.
    Portal: Extensive, unfocused content written to accommodate anonymous users needs.
  2. Customization :

Website: You will select and organize the materials you want to access. Organized with the materials you want to access.

Portal: Searchable, but not customizable. All content is there for every visitor.
E.g. you can navigate to yahoo mail, yahoo shopping, geo cities, and yahoo group. If you wish to use any of these services you will either have to authenticate yourself and see things personalized to you or you can simply visit sections that are for everyone like yahoo news were if you are not signed in then the default sign in is guest.

The term ‘portal’ is used to describe a website that acts as an entry point or gateway to an array of services or resources.

Obviously all sites can do this to some degree, but typically a portal will have a wide range of resources, usually including a search facility, directory of other sites, news, e-mail etc. portals can be general (e.g. Yahoo) or be specific to a particular industry, occupation or field of interest.

A Website is all the pages, images and files contained under a domain name – such as

A Web Portal is a type of Website. A Web Portal acts as a gateway to the internet. (A typical dictionary definition of the word portal would be – a doorway or a grand entrance.)

Take the website, this is a website, all the pages under the domain combine to make the website. However, Yahoo is often referred to as a Web Portal; if you have a look at the Yahoo Website you can see why it has often been called a Portal. The Website acts as a doorway (Portal) to the Internet, from the website you can search the web, go shopping, take part in auctions, read your email etc.

What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Web Site?

As blogs (previously known as web logs) have continued to dominate the World Wide Web in recent times, the differences between traditional web sites and blogs has become increasingly blurred for many bloggers and users of the net.

With this confusion persisting, it has proved more difficult for many online marketers and entrepreneurs to use the two very different online tools properly in their marketing plans. Yet it is extremely important for everybody to understand the key differences between a blog site and a web site so as to understand best the key strengths and weaknesses of the two and what marketing functions each will tend to accomplish best.

The key differences between a blog and a web site are that a blog’s main function is being a web log or online diary. As the term “online diary” suggests, this is where a blogger can generate a lot of interesting personal comment and intimate details and information about a particular niche subject or topic that they have chosen to cover. Blogs are quick and easy to set up. Blogs are a less expensive way of advertising your business to the online community.

A web site on the other hand is the official address and location of a web-based business. Just the place you would expect to find ecommerce tools and landing pages where customers can make a purchase online. Blogs and websites can work hand in hand with one another.

The truth is that a blog is hardly the place where you would want to reach for your credit card. Yet a blog is not less important. Blogs are classified as being increasingly important to any web based entrepreneur because it is where all the action is. In actual fact traffic is generated in large quantities at blogs and then re-directed to web sites for the actual sales transaction to be consummated.

In conclusion none can really totally replace the other and both blogs and web sites have their individual very important key roles to play in the marketing success of any online enterprise.

A company has a website. That website talks to customers.

A person has a blog. That blog talks to people.

It’s a matter of attitude, not of technology


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      Thanks for the encouragement and support. Looking forward to get more feedbacks from you to serve better information.

      Ravi Varma Thumati

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