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Client Side and Server Side Processing

Posted by Ravi Varma Thumati on December 22, 2009

In this article, you will learn to distinguish client side and server side processing, and have a look at the advantages of both processing.

  • The Client requests an ASP.NET page from the server.        
  • The Server returns a page containing HTML and script to the client.

  • In this example, the page includes a textbox and a submit button. The page also contains client side script validates the contents of the textbox.
  • If the user enters invalid information into the textbox, the client side script generates a warning and does not forward the information to the server.

The advantage of client side processing is that it reduces the network traffic and response time for simple processing is achieved.

  • The user than corrects the information in the textbox, and clicks the submit button. The information is validated on the client side, and then values sent to the server, where server side processing can take place.
  • The server repeats the validation and in this case stores the information from the textbox in a database.

Because the client side script cannot access the server resources, server side processing offers a greater range of security and flexibility in data processing.


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  3. Was’t looking for this specifically but I took the time to read it and wanted to say thanks A~

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