……………………………………………….Expertise in .NET Technologies


ASP.NET – Table of Contents

Part I: Web Programming Basics

Part II: Server-Side Programming – ASP.NET

  • Tracing, Logging and Error Handling
    • Application-Level Tracing
    • Using Tracing to find page errors

Part III: Working with Data

    • An Introduction to ADO.NET
    • NET Architecture
    • NET Classes
    • NET DataSets
    • Connection Pooling
  • Data Binding
    • The ASP.NET Data Binding Model
  • Rich Data Controls
    • View Controls
    • DataSource Controls
    • Dynamic Data
    • Reporting

Part IV: Building ASP.NET Websites

  • Styles, Themes and Master Pages
    • What are Themes
    • Creating Themes, how to apply themes
    • Dynamically applying themes
    • Terminology and Use of Master pages
    • Creating Master pages
    • Adding the Content pages
    • Changing the Master page’s properties from content pages
    • Changing the Master page Dynamically
  • Website Navigation
    • Introduction and Site Map definition
    • SiteMapDataProvider Control
    • Site Navigation Controls
      • Menu
      • SiteMapPath
      • Treeview
      • Adding Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Website Deployment

Part V: ASP.NET Configuration and Performance

  • Overview of ASP.NET Configuration
  • NET Configuration Files
    • config
    • config
  • The Web Site Administration Tool
  • NET Configuration in IIS
  • Encrypting Information in the Configuration Files

Part VI: Web Site Security

  • Security Fundamentals
  • Forms Authentication
  • Membership
  • Using The Login Controls
  • Profiles
  • Cryptography

Part VII: Web Services

  • Introduction
    • What is a web service?
    • Commonly used terms in Web Services
    • Web Service Architecture
    • NET Protocols
  • Creating and Consuming a Web Service
    • Consume Web Services with Ajax
  • Building a Web Service with .NET Remoting

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  1. sailjamehra said

    when you will post the Html controls and server controls and validation controls etc.. varmaji..?

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